Tadcaster is a small market town with a big personality. Nestled halfway between York and Leeds, it has existed since Roman times and has rich brewing history dating back to the 14th century. It is still home to three famous breweries and draft horses are still a common sight on its streets to this day. At the heart of the town stands the Ark, a 15th century building reputed to be where the pilgrim fathers met to plan their historic voyage to America. Tadcaster is a real cyclists’ town too, surrounded by gently rolling hills which are perfect for riding.

The town is home to two independent bike shops and there are a range of other independent shops and cafés too, offering exactly the right type of respite from a day in the saddle. The world’s best para-cyclists are sure to receive a warm reception here.

Tadcaster Fact File

  • Population: 7,280
  • Shire county: North Yorkshire
  • Races that start in Tadcaster: Para-Cycling Road Races (C1 Event)

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