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What is a Team Time Trial Mixed Relay?

What is a Team Time Trial Mixed Relay?

The 2019 UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire will make history being the first World Championships to host the brand-new event, Team Time Trial Mixed Relay. The mixed relay will replace the Team Time Trial after it was introduced for UCI trade teams in 2012. The TTT Mixed Relay will be the same as all other championship disciplines, with riders competing as nations for the coveted Rainbow Jersey. But what is a Team Time Trial Mixed Relay?

Essentially, a Team Time Trial Mixed Relay is what you’d expect it to be. In teams of six, riders from the Under-23 and Elite categories, consisting of three men and three women, compete against the clock. The fastest team over the line, wins.

Each team will start with the men tackling a lap of the 14km Harrogate Circuit before relaying to the women who will then take on the exact same course. As the men near the cross over point the women will be held at the start line by UCI officials, all holders will be the same for each team and are not allowed to push riders as they leave the starting ramp.

Once the second male rider crosses the line, the women can begin their lap. Final timings will then be counted when the second female rider crosses the line, with the quickest nation taking home the Rainbow Jersey.

The new format, which will happen on the Sunday of opening weekend, allows for National Federations to form the mixed relay teams from riders who may already be participating in events at the championships.

The UCI President David Lappartient said: "The mixed relay team time trial reserved for national teams is the latest step towards greater gender equality in cycling. Between 2012 and 2018, the team time trial was a showcase for UCI-registered teams. The new format will shine the spotlight on the National Federations and their riders while promoting equality between men and women. The mixed relay will also have a positive effect on the budgets of the teams and the organisers. This is a significant step towards achieving the UCI's major objectives of increasing the attractiveness of our World Championships, developing women’s cycling and promoting National Federations."

This is the first time in the history of the UCI Road World Championships that male & female riders have participated in the same event.

4 months ago
Written by Alex Hooker

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