During the World Championships the excitement won’t only be on the roads

Yorkshire 2019 are proud to present three evenings of top quality cycling entertainment on-stage at Harrogate’s beautiful Royal Hall during the World Championships.

The new voices of cycling - Ned Boulting and David Millar will host two evenings celebrating Yorkshire’s legendary cycling past and the history of the World Championships. With special guests, local heroes and international  superstars the ITV commentary duo (one of whom has toured two hugely successful one-man shows about cycling and the other or whom was a pretty decent cyclist himself) will inform, educate and, above all, entertain.

The Cycling Podcast trio of vastly respected and hugely experienced journalists (Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe) will present their own inimitable brand of commentary, analysis and insight - with the assistance of some special guests and interviews summarising the racing in World Championship week and providing a final preview of the climactic Men’s Road Race. And of course answering the questions, “Where are we, Lionel?” and “What’s for dinner?”

Sat 21 Sept - An Evening with Ned Boulting & David Millar: Over T’Rainbow

Thurs 26 Sept - Ned Boulting & David Millar: Ned n Dave’s Pot of Gold

Fri 27 Sept - The Cycling Podcast at the World Championships